Aluminum Dockboards

Ideal for truck or rail applications. Curb design adds strength and prevents equipment run-off. Skid resistant safety tread deck. Bevelled edges allow smooth access from either end. Bend at upper end permits both ends of plate to lie flat. Steel legs fit between dock and truck or railcar, prevent movement when in use. High tensile aluminum alloy construction.


1. Determine required capacity:

90% of gross weight for forklift trucks;
67% of gross weight for powered pallet trucks.


Wt. of Forklift + Wt. of Heaviest Load = Gross Weight x 0.90 = Required Capacity
(5500 lbs. + 10 000 lbs. = 15 500 x .90 = 13 500 lbs.)

2. Select dockboard width:
Add 12" to width of equipment to be used on dockboard.

3. Determine height differential:
The vertical distance from dock floor to truck floor.



Fixed SpanlocKs:
Provide quick and safe access between dock and railcar, or between railcars.

Adjustable Spanlocks:
Permit use of the same board on truck or rail docks. Easily adjusted for various spans.


Makes movement of heavy boards and plates easy and safe.
Recommended for boards and plates over 140 lbs.
(Must be ordered at same time as dockboard (Factory Installed)


For a height differential exceeding 11", use a ramp in combination with dockplate.
Each plate can be converted to an equivalent-size ramp.

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