Hydra-Lift Drum Handlers

A safe way to lift, move, tilt and drain 45 imp. gal./55 US gal. drums.

Manual control; pump-handle lifts drum, maximum extension is 45 strokes.

Hand crank controls tilt angle of drum up to 360° in either direction for controlled pouring of contents, chain wheel controls tilt for 72" and higher lift models.

800 lbs. full drum capacity; 500 lbs. half-full capacity.

Rugged, heavy-duty welded frame; 8" polyolefin wheels and 4" swivel casters; screw-down floor lock.

Power lift and power tilt with a choice of motors is optional.

60" and 72" manual lift and tilt units ship partially disassembled.

Powered models eliminate the manual effort of drum raising and tilting; increases productivity and safety.

Optional MORStop™ tilt brake holds drum tilt position constant even when tension from the pull chain is removed.

MANUAL LIFT - For the 60" dispensing height unit, the tilt function is controlled by a hand crank. The 72" and 96" tilt control is with a chain wheel.

POWER LIFT - Moving valve handle to up, down or hold position controls drum height; 15 - 20 seconds lifting time.

POWER LIFT & TILT - One valve controls lifting, another controls tilt angle. Ideal when hand crank or chain drop is out of reach.



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Hydra-Lift Drum Handler

Hydra-Lift Drum Handlers

Drum Capacity: 55 US gal. (45 Imperial Gal.)

Frame Material: Steel

No. of Drums: 1

Drum Type: Steel


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