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Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Jackson Safety* Airmax Elite* PAPR with BH3*

BH3* Air welding helmet features variable auto-darkening filter with Balder Technology.

The Balder Technology provides superior optical viewing clarity from any angle along with largest ADF viewing area of 3.78"? x 2.70".

Variable ADF with grind mode, with adjustable shades 6-8 (grind) and 9-13 via external knob.

Flame-retardant face seal around welding helmet protects against sparks.

Lightweight blower with advanced control system to maintain constant air flow rate throughout the charge of the battery.

Audible and vibrating alarms signal welder when need for new filter or battery change. Blower unit display also provides visual status of the battery charge and level of filter clogging.

Three-layer filter provides NIOSH approved HE filtration from particulate contaminants. The pre-filter extends the operating life of the main filter by capturing coarse particles. The spark arrester helps protect the main filter from damage by sparks and welding spatter.

Flame-retardant breathing hose is protected against sparks and flexes with the welder during use.

Rechargeable lithium ion battery is the newest battery technology that provides 8 hours of power.

Smart Battery Charger indicates when charging and when complete without overcharging the battery.

Adjustable belt accommodates personal sizing from 25" to 62".

Battery Type: Lithium Ion.

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Jackson Safety* Airmax Elite* PAPR with BH3* Air headpiece

Jackson Safety* Airmax Elite* PAPR with BH3* Air headpiece
Head Gear: Welding Helmet
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Our price $1948.00

Jackson Safety* BH3* Air Helmet Shell

Jackson Safety* BH3* Air Helmet Shell
Parts: Other
Our price $182.80
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